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#WhatsWithYourSweatySelfiesandHashtags ?


If you follow me on Fbook, you may have noticed a few sweaty selfies and an overabundance of hashtags feeding from a refurbished Instagram account. I dusted off an abandoned one for this new “project” of mine — follow my journey here.

At first, I thought this new venture would be a departure from who I am (I’m no sales woman, and I’m turned off by popular and overly commercialized products), but for me, it’s about latching on to the part that inspires others to make positive changes in their lives.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am a Beachbody coach.

Unless you are a recluse who never consumes pop-culture even through osmosis (I’m verging on that, so no judgement!), you’ve most likely heard of P9oX, Insanity, and/or Shakeology (just a few of many Beachbody products).  Most of their products are at-home workout DVDs, and I became hooked after going through the original Insanity series (and yes, it truly is INSANE).  I’m not a fan of going to the gym (unless it’s taking my badass-shut-yo-mouth sister’s Pilates class of course); I’d much prefer sweating it out in nature or in the comfort of my own home, so this product appeals to me on a basic level.

However, since hopping on the bandwagon, I’ve realized it appeals to me on a more complex level as well.  Beachbody is not just about products; it is about inspiring others to live healthy lifestyles and to take as many people as possible along with us on that journey. Currently, I’m a part of a Facebook accountability challenge group going through the Insanity Max:30 program, and on the 21st of June, I’m starting my own group for the 21 Day Fix program (Ask me about it in the contact box below!).  I feel stronger every single day, and I FEEL GOOD. I’m not focused on weight loss, even though that will inevitably happen (already has — 3 lbs in one week – woot!). I want to encourage others to make the change for their bodies to live longer, for their skin to glow, to empower their minds that they can persevere a grueling challenge, and to celebrate strength and camaraderie. Turns out, this new venture is not a departure from who I am, it is an extension.  This blog is all about finding balance between appreciating what I have and wanting more.  I appreciate my body and my health, but I want more for myself. I want to be as strong as I can be and I want to feel my best.  When I am a parent, I want my children to notice that I take care of my vessel for them and for myself, and that it isn’t selfish or vain to take the time to nurture it.

When I posted one of my sweaty selfies (roll your eyes, go ahead!), others responded with their own sweaty selfies or comments about how it inspired them to get moving as well.  Yes, everyone wants to feel reciprocal love, but another human need for happiness that we often forget about is our desire for a sense of community and a connection to others.  Feeding off of others who inspire me, and in turn, encouraging them, feels really good. I believe I even exclaimed in response to someone, “Hear us roar!” I’m a sap, and I’m proud of it. As a teacher, I understand how important it is to lead by example and to have fun while doing it, because if I’m not having fun, my students sure as heck are not going to have any fun either.

And I’m having fun.

I’m holding myself accountable for my journey to becoming more fit and healthy, and others are holding me accountable.  I’m (hopefully) inspiring others, and others are inspiring me.  This network of like-minded people — feels good.  If you are interested in joining me on my journey — don’t shy away.  I want to be your coach. Look no further.

Hear me roar.



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