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7 for seven

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7forseven_key-and-arrowLet’s face it // Mondays stink. Or at least we typically expect them to stink. That is why, every Monday, I post seven positives from the previous seven days of the week as a reminder of what I have so that the week starts out on an upswing. There is much truth in the belief that happy people attract good things, so it is important to start the week out right. Sometimes it’s the more grand, but other times, it’s the simple things.


1. The Shape of Things to Come. The man — Patrick, and I are making things for a new collaborative project, and the above picture is just one small sneak peek into what we’ve been up to!

2. Friday Cheat Meal. After another clean week of eating, and losing six 1/2 pounds in two weeks (woot!), I enjoyed my first cheat meal. Patrick and I guiltlessly gorged on Tex-Mex and knocked back martinis at one of my favorite Austin hot-spots.


3. Saturday Photo-shoot.  Soon, Patrick and I will launch a COMING SOON campaign for our new project, and my sister and her husband so graciously loaned us their home for some shots. We can’t wait to share them with you!


4. Women’s March.  For me, and millions of other women, this march was a moment where we could embrace our similarities and differences and unite, and at a time when the nation feels divided — it feels dire. The women across the globe who marched and supported the march represented peace, unity, love, and regardless of political views, a vow to move forward in our quest for equal treatment and opportunity. For those of you who feel differently about the march, I urge you to read the purpose behind the march cited on the organization’s website found here. I also found the following media links to be particularly articulate in describing the intention behind this large movement, or in marches/peaceful protests in general: You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry. and Why Does America Hate Protestors? This march gave me so much hope, and I’ve never been more proud to be a woman.


5. Repurposed Props.  After our photo-shoot Saturday afternoon, Patrick and I repurposed the beautiful “props” we used by turning them into a delicious, nutritious meal. Patrick researched how to best prepare some of the more foreign vegetables we picked up (based solely on their aesthetics!) and made an inventive, delicious meal.

6. Sunday Brunch.  The next morning, we met with Patrick’s cousin to work more on the project and catch up over brunch and Bloody Mary drinks. My Friday night indulgence kind of spilled over into the weekend, needless to say, but it was well worth it — I think. 😉


7. Kind Gesture.  Knowing that I have my annual teaching observation this week, which can be a nerve-wracking experience, Patrick sent me to work with these beautiful flowers and a note. Little gestures like this are so appreciated and to know he has my back while I have his, is one of the biggest, most notable gestures of all.

I hope to inspire you to reflect on all you have to be grateful & that your week brings you even more positivity + balance + bliss!  Feel free to share your seven with me as well / or even just a couple!

Have a wonderful week!



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  1. I can’t wait to see your project… it looks promising :o)

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