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7forseven_key-and-arrowLet’s face it // Mondays stink. Or at least we typically expect them to stink. That is why, every Monday, I post seven positives from the previous seven days of the week as a reminder of what I have so that the week starts out on an upswing. There is much truth in the belief that happy people attract good things, so it is important to start the week out right. Sometimes it’s the more grand, but other times, it’s the simple things.

1. Christmas Shopping SleighedSee what I did there? It feels oh-so-good to be done, and I didn’t step one foot inside an actual store. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. Plus, I like giving, too. This gangsta is a teddy bear on the inside.

2. One Sweet Night. If your gag-reflexes are hyper-active when it comes to romance, stop reading now, but I’d like to think the world needs all the love it can get at a time when many people need comfort in togetherness. After all, it is the opposite of divisiveness, and divisiveness is for assholes. You don’t want to be an asshole, do you? I didn’t think so. My soulmate, man of my biggest dreams, came home for one night before taking off again the next day. He came home from his music tour last Thursday, and you wanna bet I was at his doorstep five minutes after he arrived. Our timing is good like that. We hugged for a ridiculously long time, wiped some things from our eyes (allergies, okay?), and then laughed at the allergies in our eyes. They’re so sneaky. Even though he was out the door again for another short trip, it was so dang good to see him after he was away for a long time.

img_5759 img_5766

3. Day of Service.  Last year, my school embarked on a major project — busing 1200 kids and faculty to 40 different locations in the greater Austin community to give back with our services. This year, we did it again, and this time, I went with a fun group to Pace Bend Park to clean up ashes and help beautify the park. The park ranger was so grateful, as he said these were things they just didn’t have the time and resources to complete on their own. I had primarily a group of girls (which I can’t help but feel was a “gift” from my assistant principal, who –hats off– organized this whole ordeal, as I have 138 out of 150 boys this year — eek!). These girls were BOSSES. I was so proud of the labor of love they put into shoveling heavy rocks and ashes into double-up trash bags, lifting them up into wheelbarrows, and then heaving them into dumpsters. They didn’t mind getting their hands (and clothing) all dirty and were self-starters from the minute they stepped off the buses. My heart swelled with pride! After a long day, we bused the students back to the school, and the students got to celebrate in their generosity that day by watching a slide show of everyone’s day, so that they could see what their peers were doing at other locations, and then we went outside for a pep rally led by our amazing orchestra, choir, and band. It was a good day! To top it off, we had a forecast of heavy rain and a cold-front that day, but as you can see, we were greeted with a rainbow instead. I can’t help but think it was just for us.

4. And I’m Off!  I’m so grateful to have this entire week off (which is why I’m publishing this puppy at an odd hour). I can’t even begin to tell you how much I cherish this break during a stressful school year. I’ve had a challenging group — love them, but they’re honestly one of the toughest groups I’ve ever had (gulp). I’m looking forward to this week of spending time with my family, meeting my boyfriend’s mother (yes!! They’ll both be in town for Thanksgiving!), and reviving my life-force with the people I love most in my life.

5. Happy Hour.  But of course, before I went home last Friday, I had to throw back a couple brewskies with a few of my other favorite people. It felt good to fly out the door of my school, join some coworkers at a local dive, and breathe a sigh of relief as we said our farewell-for-nows and headed off on our break.

6. New House.  Not mine — my twin sis and her husband’s, which is the next best thing! I got to see a preview of their (almost) completed house for the first time this past Saturday, and I am so happy for their new beautiful home. It’s going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait to spend a Christmas dinner with them there soon.


7. ‘Rents in Town.  The parental unit has been in town since last Friday, and it’s nice to have company in this often-lonesome house. I also cannot wait to see my brother as he comes to town in the next couple days with his new dog! I’m going to squeeze the beejezuz  out of them!

I hope to inspire you to reflect on all you have to be grateful & that your week brings you even more positivity + balance + bliss!  Feel free to share your seven with me as well / or even just a couple!

Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!



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author of // key + arrow // a life + style blog aiming to inspire readers to make the most of what they have today without compromising quality or settling for less than desired {all the while convincing herself} // {austin, tx}

2 thoughts on “7 for seven

  1. we are totally behind with all the christmess things… I have not even an idea… unbelievable that we have only 4 weeks…
    A wonderful Thanksgiving to you!!!

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