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Poems are always about more than just cicadas.

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I thought about bringing back my 7 for seven this week, but I spent my Sunday violently ill and rested in bed (or prayed to a porcelain god) all day/night. TMI? Sorry. Even had I not been sick, I’m still feeling the vulnerability hangover from my last round of 7 for seven and having had my heart-broken for, what, the umpteenth time? I’m reluctant to share my life again since then, but I know that someday it’ll come naturally and I’ll be open to it when the time is right. For now, I’m going to share a poem with you that a friend asked me to write. We have been partnering and sharing our arts by responding to them respectively. I write a poem, and he writes a song in response. This time, he asked that I write a poem expressing my thoughts about cicadas (which I often hear late at night or in the early morning at this house out in the country). Enjoy! And Happy Monday! xo, Lauren


These old walls
may feel divisive

but I was here
before them

Let’s knock them
with our drum,

we are meant
for greater space

Let’s make
so loud
no one
can deny
we exist

In unison
we are loudest

No insulation or
No one
to hear

Author: lauren

author of // key + arrow // a life + style blog aiming to inspire readers to make the most of what they have today without compromising quality or settling for less than desired {all the while convincing herself} // {austin, tx}

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