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Creativity Come Back, Part II.

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A continuation of what I wrote last Monday:

  1. Does anyone in your life regularly inspire you? My mother and twin sister inspire me every day. They both took all the talents in the area being crafty. I lack the patience to produce something the same caliber, to manifest what’s inside my head, and they both do such a great job of working on something (regardless of the time it takes) until it’s a product they are proud of.
  2. Who is your muse? The authentic, naked (metaphorically) version of myself and anyone I come across that embodies this
  3. Define muse. Someone who inspires me to explore my thoughts, someone who lights a fire under my creative butt
  4. When confronted with superior intelligence or talent, how do you respond? I cling to it (the intelligence or talent) — I’m drawn and connected to him or her who possesses it, and I try my best to collaborate with him or her, as it’s such a rare thing to find someone who is like-minded and challenging alike
  5. When faced with stupidity, hostility, intransigence, laziness, or indifference in others, how do you respond? It upsets me, but being a teacher, I’m probably likely to try to draw something less indifferent from them and more inspiring
  6. When faced with impending success or the threat of failure, how do you respond? It probably discourages me at first, but then I quickly flip a switch to allow it to propel me forward. Failure is only a learning experience and an opportunity to thrive instead of simply succeed
  7. When you work, do you love the process or the result? PROCESS and sometimes result, but I’m more likely to criticize it — I’m a perpetual revisor
  8. At what moments do you feel your reach exceeds your grasp? Too many to mention, but when I’m confident about a craft, I put those negative thoughts aside — nothing is out of our grasp if the mind is present and willing to preserver challenges
  9. What is your ideal creative activity? Collaborative with like-minded people who challenge me
  10. What is your greatest fear? Dying alone – without having found my greatest love and built a family around that love
  11. What is the likelihood of either of the answers to the previous two questions happening? This answer is my second greatest fear!!
  12. Which of your answers would you most like to change? My fear — but then again, my fear can sometimes stifle me, yes, but it can also inspire me
  13. What is your idea of mastery? Enjoying the process in a way that is unique to my message, without all the weight on the end product and without all the weight of societal expectations — I can step away and feel I’ve done something worthwhile
  14. What is your greatest dream? To connect to as many people as possible — to make people feel warm and happy in my presence – the presence of my mind/body and my words alike

Answer some of the questions below or copy this post and share! I’d love to see how others respond.

I hope your week is a good one.



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