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7 for seven

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7forseven_key-and-arrowLet’s face it // Mondays stink. Or at least we typically expect them to stink. That is why, every Monday, I post seven positives from the previous seven days of the week as a reminder of what I have so that the week starts out on an upswing. There is much truth in the belief that happy people attract good things, so it is important to start the week out right. Sometimes it’s the more grand, but other times, it’s the simple things.

1. Phone CallI had a bad week last week. A very bad week. Problem is, I’ve become dependent on my boyfriend to pick up the pieces when that happens. Other problem is, he also had a very bad week. For confidentiality reasons, I’m keeping the issue to myself, but trust me when I say something that happened at work shook me up, and understandably so. In fact, I can’t remember a time I had a more stressful week and one that knocked me sideways. I wanted so badly to hear the voice that soothes the worst days, but he was… also having a terrible week. When I was finally able to hear that voice, so many of those worries melted away and took my mind off of all that can go wrong in the world and allowed me to focus on what was right.

2. Novel Trailers. One redeeming thing about my work week was watching the final products of my students’ novel trailers. As an assessment of their fourth quarter reading, they were assigned the project of creating a novel trailer, much like a movie trailer, to showcase their understanding and “sell” the novel to their peers. I loved seeing the creativity they put into these and how much fun they had making them. Not only did they make me giggle, but I was so proud of their hard work and efforts.

3. Awards Ceremony.  Thankfully, it wasn’t all bad at work this week. My students had their end-of-year awards ceremony that we had to prepare for, and we make it a really big deal for them so that they can celebrate their successes. A bunch of their parents were in the stands in the big gym at our school, as we watched the end-of-the-year video and presented awards to our students not only for academic achievement, but also character awards such as integrity, responsibility, and teamwork. I loved being able to celebrate my wonderful students — sad to see this year’s group go, but so excited for their bright futures.

4. Thursday Night.  After an especially challenging week for me — and my boyfriend — it was a relief to see him Thursday night. We went out for much-needed cocktails and enjoyed a meal at a Mexican food joint downtown. After walking in the drizzle, we nearly escaped a lightning storm that was beautiful to watch from the top of his condominium building through the large windows. Even though his week wasn’t ideal, I appreciated his candor and openness with me and the time we had. That’s all I’ve ever wanted from a partner, and my hope is that no matter what, I’ll always have that in my life from here on out.

5. Friday Happy Hour.  Thank GOD for my coworkers. Even after a terrible week, I am thankful to at least have them for a boost of energy — especially as they know best what we go through as teachers day in and day out. Albeit a rewarding career, the challenges we face are difficult for anyone else to imagine. We went out Friday night for some much-needed tex-mex, cocktails, and laughs. It had been quite a while since we’ve been able to get together to do that due to people having other obligations, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

6. Family Time.  Although the time was very brief due to my sister and brother-in-law being sick, it was nice to spend some time with them and my parents for the holiday weekend this Saturday. We enjoyed some brisket and tasty sides at my parents’ vacation lake home near Austin.

Eek, found a snake on one of my walks!

Eek, found a snake on one of my walks!

7. Long Walks and Epiphany.  I’ve realized this week to not grow dependent on anyone, no matter how great they are, because in the end — all I have is a choice to be happy, and despite terrible circumstances, I have to learn to cope all on my own. There will be times when all I have is myself, and I love myself enough to know that comfort can come all from within if I know how to look for it. I’ve been on several long meditative runs and walks this week and last week, and they have been more healing than I have ever imagined they would be. I also turned my diet upside down as well (nourishing the body and loving it with what I put in it is HUGE). As a side bonus — besides how much better I feel, I’ve lost nine lbs in two weeks. I know that probably doesn’t sound healthy, but trust me, I’ve worked my tail off doing it the right way, and it feels wonderful.

I hope to inspire you to reflect on all you have to be grateful & that your week brings you even more positivity + balance + bliss!  Feel free to share your seven with me as well / or even just a couple!

Have a wonderful week!



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  1. long walks are a good treatment to chase the dark clouds from a bad week away… I also think mexican food can be very helpful :o) Let’s hope that this week will be a better one :o)

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