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I said I would, so I did.


In a previous post, for various reasons (read here), I said I would brave up and post a YouTube video of me singing. I’m not, by any means, claiming to be a singer, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to sing the blues. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that fear has become a way of living for me, and I certainly don’t want to live the rest of my life that way, so I’m posting something that I’m not great at but love doing anyway. #VulnerabilityConquerer

I also decided against pairing up with a guitar because this felt like a personal goal I should conquer on my own without any security blankets — which doesn’t mean I won’t do this in the future. I also shot the video myself with my iPhone.  Did I mention it’s super professionally done? Anyway, I’m stalling. Here it is:



Author: lauren

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10 thoughts on “I said I would, so I did.

  1. Rereading… and remembering that this post of yours inspired a post of mine. Thank you, all over again, Lauren!

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  3. Huzzah! Loved this. You accomplished your goal and you sounded amazing. Congrats, Lauren. I loved it. I’m in awe.

  4. Congratulations…aside from your enjoyable rendition of the song, it was fun to hear what you sound like in (sort of) person with the “Here goes…” intro. I hope you feel a nice sense of accomplishment for yourself.

  5. hey, you are good!!!! BRAVO!

  6. So good. And you are brave for doing it!

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