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*NOTE: I wasn’t planning on bringing back my 7 for Seven today. When I took a break from my vulnerability hangovers, a symptom of revealing some of the more intimate moments of my life to “strangers,” I knew I would bring it back again someday, but I had no plan in mind for when that should happen. There are several reasons why it just felt right when I woke up this morning: 1. My lamest reason — I was underprepared for this week’s #TheStruggleIsReal post. School started back this week, and I slacked from paying attention to my too often comical woe-is-me moments (well, hindsight is 20/20). 2. Life is a little bit hectic again. I want to pay more attention to all I have to be grateful for — I have so much. 3. I want to live my life with less limitations, and one of them is my fear that creeps in time and time again and that keeps me from allowing myself to feel vulnerable in my honesty — open to others seeing my failures, as when things go up, they have a longer way to fall. 4. I turned thirty-four yesterday. I’m not getting any younger, and I prefer my life as a 10, even if I burst open to reveal the inside of a wet, popped balloon, void of air at a -1. I’m not as frequently an even 5, and I’m okay with that… starting today.

Let’s face it // Mondays stink. Or at least we typically expect them to stink. That is why, every Monday, I post seven positives from the previous seven days of the week as a reminder of what we have so that the week starts out on an upswing. There is much truth in the belief that happy people attract good things, so it is important to start the week out right. Sometimes it’s the more grand, but other times, it’s the simple things.

1st day of school

1st day of school

1. Welcome Back. After a restful summer, where I quickly wrapped myself up in a warm-blanketed routine of waking up slowly, enjoying a coffee on my balcony (my morning meditation), working out for an hour, swimming, writing, and going on a cathartic night walk with my ear buds on blast, this week back at work confused my stress-free body. This teach. was. tired. On the first Friday of the new school year, my body gave out before 9 PM. However, once back into the swing of things, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my job and everything that comes with it. I’m so happy to be back.






2. Creating an Experience. This year, my biggest growth goal as a teacher is to make each school day more about creating a positive, uplifting, and memorable experience for my students. I want my students to walk away from my class every day feeling a little bit more confident and fulfilled. I know it’s a lofty goal, and I’ll probably fail at it more often than not, but I’m hell bent on it. My coworkers inspire me to do better, and my students deserve it. This year, the 7th grade team held our “boot camp” again that I created last year to bond with our students and show them that their team of teachers are on the same page as far as rules and procedures as well as being there for their success. It went really well, and the buzz in the hallway among the staff and the students made me proud of the school where I work. The next day, my students experienced a CSI: Character Study Investigation, as I played the CSI theme song as they entered the classroom, dressed up in my protective crime scene gear and greeted them at the door. Today, students danced to the Whip/Nae Nae song as they entered the room and learned a verb song and dance. I’m having a blast stepping outside of my box, and I am hopeful that my students are, too.

IMG_0814 IMG_0815

3. Fbook Posts.  Yesterday was my birthday, and I know I am not alone in getting Facebook messages on my birthday from friends and people who I haven’t heard from in a while alike, but it never fails to make me blush. I felt so loved. Though I have to say, my sister’s post (who shares her birthday with me) takes the cake (yep, pun intended). She posted these two gems in my feed from our dance recital days.

Photo by Andy Davidhazy

Photo by Andy Davidhazy

4. Saturday Night.  The night before my birthday, I was happy to spend time with some of my good friends at a small brewery in Austin. It was put together last-minute, so I didn’t get to enjoy it with all of my friends, but I am so grateful for those that showed up and spent time with me. I feel pretty lucky to have such good people in my life that genuinely care about me.


5. Birthday.  One could say a thirty-fourth birthday would be a pretty anti-climatic one, but after yesterday, I could refute it. I shared my day with a friend who “gets me” and nurtured the side of me that both resists and craves a little bit of healthy fear in my life — and realizes that when pushed to do things that may be out of my comfort zone, they ultimately make me feel more alive.

6. Wombmate Time.  After a full and active day, my sister and her husband invited me over for cake. I couldn’t think of a better way to end my birthday than with someone who entered this world with me.

7. Epiphany.  “I prefer my life as a 10, even if I burst open to reveal the inside of a wet, popped balloon, void of air at a -1. I’m not as frequently an even 5, and I’m okay with that.” My twin sister is launching a Kickstarter project soon for a dress line she designed and modeled after all of the positive female figures in her life. In her description of the dress she designed after me, she said I was “petite, feminine, and fiery as hell” — exclamation point. I wasn’t entirely sure what my sister had meant by that, so I put my sister on the spot and asked her to tell me her intention behind that statement. To a little bit of my surprise, she told me that I wasn’t often calm. Considering the fact that calm is a desirable way to feel, I couldn’t help but feel a bit deflated after my sister’s response. My parents are almost completely opposite as far as their demeanors go. My dad is often the calm one, and while my mother is the most nurturing woman I know, she is, well, fiery. I hope my mother doesn’t take this the wrong way, but for some reason, I’ve always hoped for people to see my dad’s calm demeanor in me more often than my mother’s passionate, fiery side. Upon reflection though, it’s not because I admired my mother’s qualities any less. Instead, it was probably because I see more of myself in her, and it’s about time that I accept all of me, and cherish that part of who I am, because it’s NOT a bad thing — it’s just different. I may not always have an even demeanor, but when I feel, I will feel everything more, and you will get to share in that when it’s really damn good. And trust me, it’s really damn good.

I hope to inspire you to reflect on all you have to be grateful & that your week brings you even more positivity + balance + bliss!  Feel free to share your seven with me as well / or even just a couple!

Have a wonderful week!



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12 thoughts on “7 for seven

  1. congrats and a late “happy birthday,” loved your perspective, quite intriguing and ambitious, nothing but the best and may the good times roll.Making a positive contribution in someone else” life is not a lofty goal, so keep your faith and standards and results will come in due time.

  2. Welcome back Ms. Seven…you ARE the kind of teacher every kid should have…I hope you can keep the energy of it all up.

  3. I would like to sit in your class this year, that sounds great :o) I had a super monday, I’ve found 50 bucks in my closet… can’t wait for next monday :o)

  4. Back to school time is a great time to think about the 7 again. And to yank gratitude to the forefront. The recital pictures…. Oh man!

  5. I should also say that the fire is passion. Lauren is not dull. She has more gypsy spirit than our “calm” dad. Ha! I am inspired by her fire.

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