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The Great Gender Divide

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The ways men and women are taught to engage today seem to teeter on a now anachronistic, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” mentality. My Facebook feed is inundated with advertisements claiming to teach women how to break the “big barrier” and capture a man (Fbook, you creeper you). Women are called “crazy” when impassioned. Men are called “jerks” for a lack of empathy in a society that has told them for a better part of their lives to “shut it down” and “suck it up.” Because this is the norm, men and women often forget to recognize how similar they are (we all value love and connection), and they forget just how destructive this emphatic yet artificial gender divide is. As a teacher who cares deeply about helping to raise a happy and healthy new generation of boys and girls, I feel it is my duty to promote an awareness of these poisonous divides. Watch this TEDx Talk to hear the three most destructive words for males:

TEDx Talk

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