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Just as I aimed to ease the Monday blues with my 7 for seven, I aim once again.  Though this time, I need a good laugh — at my expense, because if I don’t do that every once in a while, I risk taking myself too seriously.

Upon announcing to my roommate one morning before work, “I had to talk myself into washing my hair this morning in the shower to avoid it looking greasy, but now I can’t talk myself into drying it, so now it just looks greasy anyway!”,  her dead-pan response to me was, “The struggle is real.”  That seems to be her go-to response to me quite often, and it’s since become my inner-mantra whenever I need to just stop, step outside of myself, and laugh at myself and my “problems.”  

Last week’s “struggles”:

10. Stealing this one from my roommate, “Butter that looks like ice-cream is the reason I have trust issues.”

9. “Is it socially acceptable for my hair to be this wet at work?”

8. “I’m super awkward about exits.  I’m so glad you spoke up about leaving because if it weren’t for you, I would have been spending the night on a cot next to their dogs in the shed.”

7. “Out of everyone that left, I was the only one that got the question of why I was leaving.  ‘Why are you leaving, Lauren, don’t you have no life?!'”

6. “My bucket list is just a long list of places where I want to eat.  Hey, they are not all in this country — not as easy as it looks!”

5. “My Saturday night consisted of drinking wine and sending Dubsmash videos. to. my. mother.”

4.  “Darn allergies.  I hate it when I have to choose between eating and breathing because I can’t do both at the same time with this stuffed nose.  It’s like Sophie’s Choice.”

3. “Ugh, my nails.”

2. “I’m hoping this jar of Nutella will just spontaneously combust so I don’t have to register any self-control.  Cause I don’t got none!”

1.  “I just said ‘don’t got none.’ I hate myself for purposefully using poor grammar to make my self-deprecation funnier.”

Happy Monday!  I hope you have a great week.  Share your laughs with me!



Author: lauren

author of // key + arrow // a life + style blog aiming to inspire readers to make the most of what they have today without compromising quality or settling for less than desired {all the while convincing herself} // {austin, tx}

7 thoughts on “#TheStruggleIsReal

  1. YES!!! My bucket list is a bunch of places I want to eat too… šŸ˜› It’s actually been fantastic trying to check off each one šŸ™‚ My struggle last week was complaining about the rain because it made it too muddy for me to bring my mom to this beautiful arboretum I had planned to take her as part of her birthday surprise. I made it work elsewhere though! šŸ˜€

  2. “…got none…” actually works. It’s all hilarious and #real, and enhanced beautifully with the bad grammar!

  3. the struggle is real… specially for hairy things… either I will remove the mirror in the bathroom or I have to wash my hair today :o)…. if I find the screwdriver before the shampoo I will remove the mirror :o)

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